Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance offers you financial protection to cover expenses such as a mortgage on your home, new investments such as buying a car, coverage for student debt (calculate according to your child’s age how much the cost would be of your education without study debts, here) or hospitable and much more during a defined period of time (short or long term) or up to an age specified in the policy.

Term policies are convertible during their term and also once the policy period has expired, although it is possible for premiums to increase if you wait until the last moment to make the change to whole life insurance.


Term life insurance provides a death benefit if the owner of the policy dies within the term of the policy. The insured amounts are decreasing over the years.

A Term Life Insurance, from some of our companies, also offers you the opportunity to contribute to charitable causes through donations that at no time affect the benefit of your policy for you or yours.

Key Elements in Term Life Insurance

Clause of compensation advanced by death: This clause allows the policy holder to advance the receipt of a part of the amount of his policy to which he would be entitled by death and receive a payment if the insured is diagnosed with a chronic disease , critical or terminal.


  • Death compensation is guaranteed.​
  • Most clauses are guaranteed during the initial period, in the same way as premiums for basic coverage.


  • You choose the term that fits your needs: 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years.

  • Coverages start from $ 50,000 up to $ 400,000 on average. With some of our companies without medical examination requirements with these coverage amounts.

  • The coverage you have chosen may be renewed annually after the initial period.


  • The initial coverage you have chosen can become a permanent plan, with some of our companies, without the need for a new insurance or additional subscription.


Our prices are competitive because we have different types of companies that fit the individual needs of each person, in the same way as the premiums that fit your budget.

Advantages of Subscription:

​Subscription for amounts below $ 400,000 does not require an evaluation of:

  • Medical risks
  • Paramedical exams
  • Urine collection
  • Saliva sample
  • And without requirement for change of your situation.