Final Expenses Plans

Several things can be avoided in life, except one: Dying is part of the life cycle of all people.

Most people do not like to think or talk about death but the reality is that we must prepare for when the time comes. Neither would want to leave their family an economic burden more to think about, when they are going through a moment of pain and sadness.

It is a fact that when you miss your family they will miss you and the grief will be profound, so you must plan ahead of time for your loved ones to have you in their thoughts without the anguish of how they will do to cover expenses Funeral


We protect your family from the economic impact at the time of the unexpected death of a loved one.

The funeral costs are very high and most people are not prepared to take on expenses of this magnitude, which implies getting into debt at times when they have to face the pain of the loss of the loved one.


The funeral expenses on average are almost $ 8,500. Which does not include additional costs such as: the lot, monument or tombstone of the cemetery. Maybe you’re thinking about the death benefit of your Social Security? Social Security will only give a special payment benefit of $ 255 to your spouse or children and only if they meet certain requirements.


Show your love to your family with a Funeral Expenses policy, which will help you cover the following expenses:

• Funeral Home
• Coffin
• Crematorium and Urn
• Pit
• Crypt
• Trips to attend the funeral of loved ones and much more according to your plan that you choose.


Our family protection plans cover your funeral expenses and / or those of your family group in the United States and Latin America.

It includes costs and repatriation procedures so that your family does not have to deal with one more thing in these moments of pain.


We offer low cost funeral protection, as a package of benefits for all your employees. This is an additional great value for every company with the best prices in the entire market per member.

​We handle and pay for the funeral services of your registered employees with just one call.