Annuities - Retirement Plans

Why not make your dreams come true? Thinking that it will be you when you retire … well, it’s time to plan how you want to live your retirement: “without financial worries”.

Annuities are often purchased as a support for the moment of retirement and the best thing is that you can do it in a variety of ways, such as simple, early or anticipated, because of disability or because you want to enjoy your last years of life without economic anguish; that is, to be able to generate income for the future.

Keep in mind that only an annuity is capable of generating income that is guaranteed for life.

An annuity is an agreement, a contract by means of which the insurer makes a series of payments on its income in regular time modalities in exchange for the payment of a premium that has been paid in advance.

Usually the term of annuity is related to a contract between you and / or your company and your life insurance company.