Supplemental Insurance Plans

Accident Policy

Are you prepared to face the unexpected setbacks of life? An accident can happen at any time, but you are not alone.We are here to help you!

We pay cash benefits to cover your accidental injuries covered to you directly.


Short Term Disability

If you become disabled and can not go to work, how would you pay your daily expenses, such as: your mortgage or rent, public services, your car bill, food, etc.?

While you focus on yourself, we help you pay your bills so your financial obligations do not overwhelm you.


Nobody wants to be hospitalized but unexpected events can happen when you least expect it at any age, which is why the best way to be prepared is through a hospitalization policy that puts money in your hand.

The amounts are predetermined according to the place and time of hospitalization and the procedures that may take place.

Cancer Policy

Did you know that 38% of Americans believe that it would be very difficult to recover financially from a battle with cancer.

If a positive diagnosis of cancer knocks on your door, the Cancer insurance helps you and your family to better take the emotional and economic part. With this protection you will have greater freedom to focus on what is most important.


Dental Insurance

Good dental health consists of routine oral care. Our dental insurance offers a wide variety of services, without deductibles, without the need for a network or pre-qualifying requirements.

The issuance of the policy is guaranteed with selected products. This means that you do not have to answer questions for the subscription. No network, which means that you can choose the dentist you want.